Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The custody ruling for Kevin and Britney is in

Judge to Brit -- You're Too Chaotic, Custody Denied
Posted Oct 30th 2007 5:10PM by TMZ Staff

The decision is in -- Britney Spears has not regained custody of her kids.

Issuing his order today, Commissioner Scott Gordon gave Spears two visits total per week, one from 12:00 Noon to 7:00 PM and one overnight visit. The visits will be monitored.

Spears and K-Fed are ordered to figure out holiday schedules with the kids.

Britney must submit evidence that she childproofed her pool area by Friday.

In the order, the Commish wrote that when Britney has the kids, "the environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber with little communication at all." The Commish also recounts what the parenting coach complained of -- that "during all three of my visits, Ms. Spears rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play."

The coach also said Spears seemed to have "a lack of general attention at times" but there was nothing she would characterize as "abusive in a traditional sense."

And then the most damning comment from the parenting coach: "The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful."

Source: tmz.com

Britney's Visitation Rights Scaled Back
By Ken Lee

Britney Spears's parenting coach says the singer "rarely engaged with [her] children in either conversation or play" during their monitored time together – but improved by the last visit.

The revelation is included in court documents released Tuesday, which also show that the singer's visits with her kids are being scaled back.

She will only have access to her sons twice a week for the time being. She previously had access to them roughly ever other day.

The two visits, which will be monitored, will only occur from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. on one day, with an overnight from 12 p.m. to 10 a.m. on another day.

The new documents also reveal some damning statements by Lisa Hacker, Spears's parenting coach. For one, Spears missed three appointments with the coach.

"The problem is that unless [Spears] realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has on her children," Hacker says, "nothing is going to be successful." The singer also showed a "lack of general attention at times."

The coach does, however, concede that Spears "loves her children and the children are bonded to [Spears]."

Hacker also expresses concern that "many of [Spears's] interactions with the children are not child-centered. It seems that her choices are dependent more on what [she] wants to do rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children."

The coach added that "during all three of my visits [Spears] rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play," but that the singer improved by the last visit.

It was also revealed that neither of Spears's homes are child-proofed. L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered the singer do so by Nov. 2.

The former couple's next hearing is Nov. 26.

Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, are currently undergoing co-parenting counseling and classes together.

For now, Federline retains physical custody of their children, Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. He is seeking a final arrangement in which he'd have primary custody of his sons, a legal tussle which could take months.

Source: people.com

Some Court Updates About Last Friday

Pic: Sorrell Trope

From tmz.com: Minute order from last Friday

Britney’s Lawyer Files Request to End Her Random Drug Testing
Tuesday October 30, 2007

Britney Spears’ attorney filed a motion to change the singer’s twice-weekly random drug testing at a hearing for her ongoing custody battle with ex Kevin Federline October 26 in L.A. Superior Court, according to court papers released Tuesday.

According to the papers, her attorney had filed the request before, but Federline’s attorney opposed it October 25. At their hyped-up hearing Friday, Spears’ attorney filed another request to terminate or modify the court order.

A judge has yet to issue a ruling.

L.A. Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon was also given Spears' parenting coach's report to review, according to the order.

It is the latest update in the ex-couple's increasingly complicated custody battle.

On September 17, Gordon dubbed Spears a "habitual" drug and alcohol user and ordered her to undergo twice-weekly random drug testing. He also ordered Spears and Federline to participate in joint co-parenting counseling. Spears was also ordered to undergo individual counseling at least once a week.

In addition, the pair were required to enroll in a Parenting Without Conflict program (Us reported they attended the first session October 24 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.)

On October 1, Spears, who had up until this point shared 50-50 custody with Federline, temporarily lost of custody because, her attorney said at the time, she was accused of not taking a random drug and alcohol test and and could not provide a California driver's license.

Spears was granted visits with her boys with a court-appointed monitor October 3. She was then awarded one monitored overnight visit a week October 11.

However, Spears was stripped of visitation rights October 17 because she did not answer her court-mandated cell phone for a required conference call, a source told Us. (The source claimed her Malibu home did not have reliable reception.)

By October 20, Spears had regained visitation rights with the presence of a court monitor.

Spears and Federline are due back in court November 26 — the same day as her hearing for a misdemeanor count of driving without a California driver's license — where a judge will review a complete report from the court-appointed monitor.

Source: usmagazine.com

Court Papers Reveal Britney's Parenting Coach Testified
By Ken Lee

Britney Spears's parenting coach, Lisa Hacker, testified at Friday's hearing, a newly released court document revealed Tuesday.

The document shows that Hacker was sworn in and testified in person, and her report was also submitted into evidence.

Asked whether the report was critical of Spears, her attorney Sorrell Trope replied: "There were some negative things, and some positive, but the beneficial things far outweighed the negative."

The document also shows that on Oct. 25 and 26, Spears's attorneys filed two last-minute requests to the court seeking "modification to drug testing," but no details were given. The singer is currently subjected to twice-weekly random tests for drugs and alcohol.

The newly released papers contain scant detail. The commissioner's complete ruling is expected later Tuesday.

Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, are currently undergoing co-parenting counseling and classes together. Their next hearing is Nov. 26.

Trope tells PEOPLE that he remains "absolutely confident that Ms. Spears will eventually regain 50-50 custody."

Currently, Federline retains physical custody of their children, Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, while Spears has monitored visitation rights.

Source: people.com

Britney and K-Fed's Custody Hearing -- Blow by Blow
Posted Oct 30th 2007 11:57AM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has obtained the minute order from last Friday's hearing, giving a detailed account of what went down in court on Friday.

While the judge has yet to issue his ruling, the minute order indicates he was given the parenting coach's report to review. As we first reported, that report did not paint a flattering picture of Britney.

Source: tmz.com

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kevin and Britney counseling session today

Britney & Kevin Meet Again

Though it could be days (or seconds!) before Britney Spears and Kevin Federline hear what the judge has ruled in their custody battle, that hasn't stopped the former paramours from playing nice with each other, as they met up again Monday afternoon for another court-ordered counseling session.

This time, the meeting site isn't the swanky Beverly Hills Hotels, but a conference room in the posh Four Seasons in L.A.. If it goes anything like last week's meeting, it will involve several smoke breaks for Kevin before it's through.

"Britney is behaving herself," one insider explains to OK!. "She appears to finally be doing what the court ordered." But with the judge weighing his decision in his chambers already, is it too little, too late to make a difference?

Source: ok-magazine.com

Attorneys request ruling be held off until Wednesday

Source: Britney Custody Ruling May Be Delayed

Looks like Britney Spears and Kevin Federline might need to wait until Wednesday to hear the judge's decision on their drawn-out custody battle over their two boys, Sean Preston, 2, and 1-year-old Jayden James. But according to a source close to the family, it's not the judge's fault for the delay.

"Attorneys for both sides have asked the judge to hold off on issuing his ruling until Wednesday," the source explains to OK!, adding, "by that point, all the weekly entertainment magazines will have gone to press and it'll be too late to get the story in."

However, some insiders tell OK! that it's unlikely the judge will go along with the lawyers' request and the ruling may end up being released as soon as later Monday afternoon.

So until we hear otherwise, OK! remains poised to bring you the decision as it happens.

Source: okmagazine.com

Friday, October 26, 2007

The hearing is over - no ruling by judge

Brit Heads Home, No Ruling by Judge
Posted Oct 26th 2007 7:53PM by TMZ Staff

Britney Spears has left the courtroom, escorted by her attorneys and several Sheriff's deputies. She looked extremely upset. Kevin also walked out with his attorney, but looked very happy.

Testimony was given by both parties, the judge took the case under submission, but issued no ruling.

K-Fed's attorney spoke to reporters after the hearing, and told the group that the court will issue a written ruling sometime Monday or Tuesday.

Source: tmz.com

Still No Ruling in Britney and Kevin's Custody Fight
Friday October 26, 2007

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline faced off in court Friday, but the verdict is still out on whether Britney will get joint custody back.

After a lengthy hearing, during which a visibly upset Spears took three bathroom breaks, Commissioner Scott L. Gordon made no ruling regarding the custody arrangement of their sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

Los Angeles Superior Court spokesperson Meredith Pierce said of Friday's proceedings: "Custody issues were discussed. The judge took it under submission and a ruling is forthcoming no sooner than Monday."

"The court will issue a written ruling either Monday or Tuesday," said Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. "The court heard many exparte motions and a continued order to modify custody. I do believe the order that the court will issue on Monday will be modified by the various expartes. I am not going to speculate what that order may be." (An "exparte" hearing is when one party requests a hearing.)

Kaplan made it clear that his client still has custody, saying, "Mr. Federline has custody of the kids this weekend, but the court did allow [Spears] to spend some time with the kids."

Spears, who cursed at an Usmagazine.com reporter during a break in Friday's custody hearing, continued to be in a foul mood after the court recessed. Us spotted Spears speeding away from the courthouse in her Mercedes and almost crashing into a bus.

Source: usmagazine.com

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Reunite in Court
FRIDAY OCTOBER 26, 2007 08:25 PM EDT
By Ken Lee and Alexis Chiu

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline appeared together Friday for a three-hour custody hearing behind closed doors – the first courtroom face-off for the former couple.

Spears took three bathroom breaks during the hearing, with her mood souring as the day wore on. At an early break, she told reporters, "Everything's great," but at a later break she cursed at a reporter asking how she was, saying, "Snort it, f--- it."

Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was asked after the hearing if it was contentious. "When I'm there, it's always contentious," he quipped.

The session ended with Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon making no ruling.

"There was testimony given by both parties," says court rep Meredith Pierce, "but Commissioner Gordon did not make a ruling today. He took the case under submission, meaning he'll consider both sides and will craft a new court order."

Spears's attorney, Sorrell Trope, said he was "absolutely satisfied" with the court session, and noted that Spears would continue to have overnight visitations with her sons.

"I left with a favorable feeling," he said.

The next hearing is Nov. 26.

Media Frenzy
The singer and her ex-husband both arrived at the courthouse amid a media frenzy earlier in the afternoon.

Spears, who drove up in her white Mercedes-Benz along with longtime friend Alli Sims, wore a long-sleeved dress and sunglasses. Spears, who came through security at around 1:40 p.m., followed by most of her legal team, smiled slightly and ignored questions as she walked into the courtroom.

Five minutes later, Federline arrived decked out in a dapper gray suit and sporting close-cropped hair and diamond studs in each ear. He silently made his way into the courtroom with his attorney.

Inside the courtroom, Federline took a seat and discreetly glanced over to his right where Spears was seated. She, however, kept her arms folded in front of her, and never turned to look at her ex.

After the judge entered the courtroom, both Spears and Federline stood simultaneously and were sworn in. When asked to state her name, Spears replied quietly, "Britney." Federline stated his full name.

Reporters then had to leave the hearing.

The Ongoing Battle
For now, Federline retains physical custody of sons Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. Spears has monitored visitation rights, and one overnight per week with her children.

The judge is not expected to reinstate the 50-50 custody arrangement that was in place before Spears was stripped of custody and allowed only visitation.

Source: people.com

Kevin Federline / Britney Spears arrive at court

Britney has arrived at court with Alli Sims (usmagazine.com). She's wearing "a pair of Dior sunglasses, dark dress, white purse and her lucky cowgirl boots." Kevin has arrived as well. "He's wearing a suit and sunglasses." (tmz.com). X17 photogs say that Kevin Federline arrived in the backseat of his attorney's car at approximately 1:25pm PT. (x17online.com)

Here is what is expected go down at today's hearing according to usmagazine.com:

Spears' lawyer, Sorrell Trope, is likely to argue that the singer has complied with all court orders and should regain the 50-50 custody of sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, which she lost on October 1. (Court orders include undergoing twice-weekly random drug testing, as well as attending co-parenting sessions with ex Federline.)

At a hearing Friday morning, attorneys for both argued about the issue of Spears’ deposition — which will occur at a later hearing.

Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, claimed that he has asked Spears’ attorneys several times to schedule the singer’s deposition. (Based on Spears' testimony, Kaplan is likely to argue that Federline deserves primary physical custody of the boys.)

L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered both sides to meet and set a date, but said Spears’ testimony would not be videotaped.

Britney and K-Fed's Custody Hearing Underway
Posted Oct 26th 2007 4:47PM by TMZ Staff

Today's closed hearing has begun. All media -- including TMZ -- have been asked to leave the courtroom.

Before that happened, our observers noted that as K-Fed walked into the room, his eyes were on Britney the entire time. She, however, never looked at him.

A lawyer for the California Department of Children and Family Services is present as well.

Both Brit and Fed-Ex were sworn in by the court clerk.

One thing -- Britney's nails are bitten down and her red polish is extremely chipped. Girl ... get a mani!

Source: tmz.com

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Arrive in Court
By Ken Lee and Alexis Chiu

During a brief break from her custody hearing on Friday, Britney Spears told reporters that "everything's great" at the court appearance.

The singer and her ex-husband Kevin Federline both arrived at the courthouse amid a media frenzy earlier in the afternoon.

Spears, who arrived in her white Mercedes-Benz along with longtime friend Alli Sims, wore a long-sleeved dress and sunglasses. Spears, who came through security at around 1:40 p.m., followed by most of her legal team, smiled slightly and ignored questions as she walked into the courtroom.

Five minutes later, Federline arrived decked out in a dapper gray suit and sporting close-cropped hair and diamond studs in each ear. He silently made his way into the courtroom with his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Inside the courtroom, Federline took a seat and discreetly glanced over to his right where Spears was seated. She, however, kept her arms folded in front of her, and never turned to look at her ex.

After the judge entered the courtroom, both Spears and Federline stood simultaneously and were sworn in. When asked to state her name, Spears replied quietly, "Britney." Federline stated his full name.

About an hour into the hearing, Spears exited courtroom with attorney Anne Kiley for a short break. Asked how the appearance was going, she replied, "Everything's great."

Source: people.com

Inside Britney's Day In Court

At 1:40pm PT on Friday, Britney Spears walked into an L.A. courtroom to make her first appearance in the ongoing custody battle with Kevin Federline, wearing a very short blue dress, brown cowboy boots and Dior sunglasses and carrying her white Versace bag, kept her head down and, according to an onlooker, "seemed really nervous." And from the get-go, it was clear the former marrieds weren’t prepared to put their differences behind them any time soon.

“They barely looked at each other,” an eyewitness tells OK!. “They did exchange a couple of glances but there were not smiles. The rest of the time they were just looking straight ahead.”

The Toxic singer, who one witness tells OK!, "looks like she's got really bad acne and greasy extensions," removed her sunglasses only after sitting down at a table at the front of the courtroom. Britney, who had been smoking rapidly as she pulled up to court, “looked nervous” as she waited for proceedings to begin.

Kevin, wearing a snappy grey suit and tie, entered the courtroom five minutes later and thanked his security team, saying “Thank you, gentlemen.” The eyewitness tells OK! “Kevin was looking confident, more in control.”

Before the hearing, Brit's attorney kept leaning in and talking into her ear. All the while, she sipped water and at flipped through a datebook.

Britney and Kevin, positioned with his attorney at a table opposite his ex, both said “I do” when they were sworn in by a court clerk. “There was a lot of tension in the courtroom,” adds the eyewitness. “There’s a lot at stake for both sides.”

The press and members of the public were removed from the courtroom a short while later.

During the hearing, the court security blocked off the whole floor and wouldn't let anyone through, including Brit's friend and cousin Alli Sims and hanger-on Sam Lufti, who damaged two cars in the courthouse parking lot while attempting to block paparazzi from taking photos.

"Alli looked very worried," one witness tells OK!. "She was biting her nails and I heard her say to Sam, 'God, I hope she's okay.'"

After about an hour, the hearing broke for a short recess, during with Britney was escorted to the ladies' room by five sheriff's deputies.

At approximately 3:30pm PT, Britney, protected once more by a phalanx of courthouse guards, descended in the elevator for another break.

According to sources inside the courthouse, despite the fact that Brit first told reporters that "everything's great," she was later "bawling her eyes out" during one break from the proceedings and even shouted obscenities ("Eat it, snort it, lick it, f**k it!" according to witnesses) at reporters who asked how things were going.

Finally, after more than three hours of the hearing, Brit made her way out of the courthouse with her attorney and cousin Alli by her side.

"She's fantastic," Brit's attorney Anne Kiley told OK! immediately after the hearing ended. However, that statement goes against everything witnesses inside the courthouse have been saying. "She appeared to be crying," one tells OK!. "The tip of her nose was red and her cheeks were pink and puffy."

Meanwhile, Kevin appeared "calm and collected" following the end of court today.

It's not yet known what, if anything was decided in today's hearing.

Source: ok-magazine.com

Sean and Jayden get a ride as parents in court

Sean Preston and Jayden James get pushed around Kevin's house by the nanny.

Source: x17online.com

TMZ reports on morning court proceedings

K-Fed Wants Brit Caught on Tape -- Commissioner Rules
Posted Oct 26th 2007 12:28PM by TMZ Staff

The Britney AM hearing is over -- it was all about videotaping Brit's deposition.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told the judge he wanted to videotape Spears' depo, because the way Britney speaks is as important as what she says.

Sources tell us that during Britney's last court appearance, her words to the Commissioner sounded sincere but they were dripping with sarcasm.

Spears' lawyer, Thomas Dunlap, argued that there have been tons of leaks and he didn't want the videotape ending up on TMZ.com.

The Commish said he was not concerned about Britney being videotaped because she seems to court all that with the media. He said, "Your client's concern on paper makes sense, but the ongoing pattern with the media and with the kids doesn't square."

But ultimately, Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled he would not allow a video because he was concerned about the content leaking to the media.

As for TMZ getting the story as to what was in the parenting coach's report, Commissioner Gordon said, "I am deeply impressed by the investigative work of the media, although I think it's a little stretch of their talent." Aw, shucks!

Posted Oct 26th 2007 2:59PM by TMZ Staff

Custody is on the line at today's showdown, scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM EDT, 1:30 PM PDT. Britney is expected to arrive at the loading dock, where she will be escorted inside by Sheriff's deputies. We're told K-Fed will arrive at another entrance.

Sources tell us Britney's lawyers will ask L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon to restore 50/50 physical custody. The judge stripped Spears of custody a few weeks back, giving her only monitored daytime visits with her two kids and one overnight a week.

TMZ sources say during Brit's last appearance, she was incredibly rude and condescending to the Commissioner. And Brit has a new problem: The parenting coach has submitted a two-and-one half page report which criticizes Spears. The coach says Brit ignored her and often ignored the kids.

This morning K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, argued that he should be allowed to videotape Brit's deposition, because, just like during the last court appearance, Brit's words sounded fine but her tone dripped with sarcasm. The judge denied the request for a video, but Spears must sit for a depo.

And then there's this -- the Commish seemed a bit upset that TMZ found out what was in the parenting coach's report. He said, "I am deeply impressed by the investigative work of the media, although I think it's a little stretch of their talent." You're makin' us blush.

TMZ is all over this story! Stay tuned!

Source: tmz.com

Kevin and Britney to Face Off in Court Today

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are set to face each other in court for the first time Friday. A judge has ordered the ex-couple to appear for a progress-report hearing in their custody battle.

L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon will be hearing from various custody experts involved in the case.

For now, Federline retains physical custody of sons Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. Spears has monitored visitation rights, and one overnight per week with her children.

The judge is not expected to reinstate the 50-50 custody arrangement that was in place before the judge stripped Spears of custody and allowed only visitation.

"At best, she may get unmonitored visits and more overnight privileges," says family law attorney Scott Weston, who's not involved with either party. "This case is still in the early stages and could go on for months."

On Wednesday, Spears, 25, and Federline, 29, attended their first court-mandated Parenting Without Conflict session at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The couple are also undergoing joint co-parenting counseling. Spears is still subject to twice-weekly random drug tests.

Source: people.com

Security Tight for Britney Spears Custody Hearing
Posted Oct 25th 2007 7:38PM by TMZ Staff

K-Fed and BritneyThe custody battle between Britney Spears and K-Fed heats up tomorrow morning, and the court isn't taking any chances, y'all.

According to court officials:

"A second weapons screen station will be set up on the eighth floor tomorrow between the elevators and Department 88. Cell phones, recording devices and cameras will not be permitted past the weapons screen or in Department 88. Reporters are urged to make other arrangements for their cell phones. Anyone who has a cell phone with them when they go through the weapons screen on the eighth floor must give it to the deputies before they will be allowed past. Deputies will then provide a claim slip, or receipt, to retrieve the phone later. Individuals who do not have business in the courtrooms on the eighth floor and do not have a seat in Department 88 will not be allowed to congregate in the hallway."

TMZ will have a live streaming video at the court house, starting at 3:00 PM EDT.

Source: tmz.com

X17 will have their cameras on at the LA Superior Court this afternoon at live at noon PDT.

Source: x17online.com

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rumor: Britney and K-Fed Got Along Swell

Sources tell TMZ there's good news in Britney Spears' world!!! Seriously.

We're told yesterday's co-parenting meeting with K-Fed went "amazingly well." Brit and Kevin met for two hours with Al Gibbs, the counselor, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Of course, that's where divorced parents learn how to handle their kids -- and besides, Brit was able to gas up her car courtesy of the valet for $4.50 a gallon.

And get this -- one connected source says one of the reasons it went so well is because Britney liked being around K-Fed!

And there's more. For the last week, we're told Britney has been responsive with her lawyers and all-in-all in a better state of mind.

Source: tmz.com

Kevin Tops 'Cad to Dad' Poll

The poll, by In Touch Weekly, was meant to find the most devoted dad from a list of former 'cads'. Britney Spears’ ex hubby Kevin Federline has topped a new ‘Cad to Dad’ poll.

The poll, by In Touch Weekly, was meant to find the most devoted dad from a list of former 'cads'. While K-Fed was top of the pile, coming in second close on his heels was dad-of-two Russell Crowe. ‘Daredevil’ star Ben Affleck, who has a daughter Violet with actress Jennifer Garner, came in third on the list. Others featured on the list included Michael Douglas, Ashton Kutcher, Colin Farrell and Lindsay Lohan's father Michael.

As for the reason K-Fed topped the poll, well that’s because he’s really stepped up to the plate when it comes to caring for his kids, as opposed to Britney whose life has been spiralling out of control. "In light of Britney's current substance abuse problems, Kevin, 29, has stepped up to care for their kids, Sean Preston, two, and Jayden, 13 months," Contactmusic quoted In Touch Weekly, as stating. "The boys live at his L.A. home where he had a fence built around the pool for their safety."

Source: indiatimes.com

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kevin and Britney attending co-parenting class

Sources tell TMZ Britney and K-Fed are about to attend their first co-parenting class.

We're told Brit just arrived and K-Fed is on his way. The class will last a couple of hours. They will meet with a parenting coach, who will give them advice on how a divorced couple should raise their children.

The kids are not present.

Sources say Britney is actually looking forward to discussing parenting with her ex -- however, after arriving at the location, Brit was distraught and bawling like a baby in the bathroom.

It's only the third time Brit and K-Fed have been in the same room since they separated. The other two occasions involved settlement conferences at a lawyer's office.

Source: tmz.com

Britney and Kevin are in a room together right now at the Beverly Hills Hotel -- but no, it's not what you think! The two are attending a pre-arranged parenting class (their second), and decided to meet on neutral ground.

I wonder if working together now means they'll be more apt to work together during Friday's custody hearing?

Source: x17online.com

OK! Exclusive: Inside Britney & Kevin's Secret Meeting!

OK! has learned that both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline met up at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday afternoon for a rendezvous that included several bodyguards.

Around 11:30am, Brit, following her assistant in a separate car, left her home in the gated community The Summit to make the 10-minute trip to the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Blvd, where Kevin's security patrol was already standing guard in the lobby.

Almost an hour later,Kevin rolls into the hotel with Dodge Viper truck, entering through through the employee parking lot. Soon thereafter, hotel security, mentioning a "VIP arrival" cleared the lobby.

At 1pm, Kevin, who had been smoking outside one of the hotel's bungalows, made his way to a small conference room on the hotel's west side, where sources tell OK! that Britney was waiting for him — no children spotted with either parent.

After an hour, it was time for another smoke break for Kevin, who exited the conference room to take up his former position outside the bungalow, where he enjoyed another cigarette for a few minutes before heading back into the room.

At approximately 2:45pm, Brit left the hotel via the valet exit, followed by a swarm of photographers, and headed straight back to her home at The Summit. A few minutes later, Kevin's truck was seen exiting from the rear of the hotel, though it was unclear to witnesses whether or not the aspiring rapper was driving.

While the reason for the meeting has yet to be announced, speculation is rampant that it was for the first of their court-mandated joint co-parenting counseling sessions with a court-approved therapist. Therapy poolside in a cabana? How very Hollywood of them.

More than likely, it was a get-together organized by their attorneys to try to calm things down between the two before they meet up in court Friday for the next hearing in their hotly disputed custody battle.

Source: ok-magazine.com

More Pics: Kevin Doing Photoshoot

Click to see full size.

Source: britneycl.com

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rumor: Britney's coach files "damaging report"

Source: Brit’s Parenting Coach Files “Damaging Report”
Tuesday October 23, 2007

Britney Spears’ parenting skills are under fire again.

Spears’ court-appointed monitor turned in a “very damaging report” October 22, a source close to her ongoing custody case with ex Kevin Federline tells Usmagazine.com.

The paperwork, filed under seal to LA Superior Court, claims that “[Spears, 25] paid her [monitor] no attention or respect at all, as if she were some employee whom she could blow off,” the source says.

“Britney’s often distracted and in her own world when she has the kids [Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1] and has a hard time focusing,” the insider adds. “She is adamant that she doesn’t have to listen to anybody — that it’s her way or the highway."

Parenting sessions had previously been at Spears’ residence, the source says, but the coach now wants meetings to take place at her office. “She doesn’t want all the distractions, whether it’s the paparazzi or whatever else is going on,” the source says.

Adds the source: “Britney needs to focus on improving her parenting skills and prove that she really wants these kids.”

Spears is due in court for the custody battle October 26, and the judge “will not look favorably upon” her, the source says. “This is a very damning report. Who knows if Britney will even show?”

Source: usmagazine.com

Parenting Coach to Brit -- I'm Not A Potted Plant!
Posted Oct 23rd 2007 1:35PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' parenting coach has submitted her report to the court, and it ain't pretty.

Sources say the two-and-a-half page report says Britney totally ignored the coach -- didn't even acknowledge her presence. The coach says she was unable to teach Britney anything, because Spears didn't want to listen.

The report, which was presented to the court yesterday and will be critical in determining if Spears should regain 50/50 custody, concludes that Britney often ignores her kids and lives in her own little world -- that Britney often disappeared and wasn't around the kids or the coach. We're told the coach has said Brit spends a lot of time on the phone and changing clothes.

Source: tmz.com

Kevin Doing A Photoshoot At House In Beverly Hills

See video here.

Source: X17Online.com

Pics: Kaplan and Britney's Parents Meet at Kevin's Home

Source: X17Online.com

Monday, October 22, 2007

Britney's parents / Mark Kaplan meet at Kevin's

Britney's parents and Mark Kaplan arrived at Kevin Federline's house today. There was no comment after the meeting.

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Britney Spears Regains Visitation Rights

Britney Spears has regained visitation rights of her sons, Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, PEOPLE has learned.

The singer on Saturday was spotted driving with her children in Studio City, Calif., in her white Mercedes convertible, which was decorated with pumpkins on the dashboard.

A presumed court-appointed monitor was seated in the front seat, with her sons in the rear.

On Wednesday, L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon had temporarily suspended her visitation rights. A source close to Spears told PEOPLE the judge removed her rights after the pop star was unreachable by a cell phone designated for court-related scheduling.

On Thursday, Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said he expected Spears would get visitation reinstated soon because "she has complied with the part of the order [causing the suspension]."

Lawyers for both sides did not respond to calls for comment.

Spears and Federline are both required to show up for their next hearing on Oct. 26.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kaplan "Kevin Wants Britney To Be Involved In The Kids Lives"

One day after a judge stripped Britney Spears of visitation rights, Kevin Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is telling “Extra” that she’ll see the kids again soon.

Brit’s visitation “will be reinstated fairly soon, probably by the next scheduled date,” which is Oct. 26.

On that date, Kaplan said he expects to hear from various court-appointed experts who have evaluated the custody situation and made observations on the quality of parenting.

The judge “may or may not make new orders,” Kaplan said.
He added that for Kevin, “It’s frustrating the time it takes to move forward…there’s an evaluation in place, and those take a long time. They take four to six months.”

Both Britney and Kevin want their custody battle “to be done as soon as possible,” Kaplan said.
Kaplan also insisted that contrary to reports, Kevin does want Britney to be with the kids.
“He wants Mom to be involved in their lives,” he said. “He wants the kids to be structured, to be in a structured environment, regardless of the home that they’re in. That’s why he brought the action that he did.”

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Pics: Kevin Out While Britney Was In Tarzana Yesterday

These pictures were taken in Hollywood during the time Britney near his home in Tarzana yesterday, as reported earlier.

Kaplan: "I expect that visitation will be reinstated"

Kevin's Lawyer: Britney Will Get Visitation Back Soon
FRIDAY OCTOBER 19, 2007 08:05 AM EDT
By Mary Margaret

No baby Blackout yet: A day after court documents revealed that Britney Spears's visitation rights were revoked, her ex Kevin Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan tells PEOPLE she will likely regain the privilege before their next court hearing on Oct. 26.

"She has complied with the part of the order [causing the suspension]," Kaplan says. "I expect that visitation will be reinstated."

The document released Thursday stated, "[Spears's] visitation with the minor children is suspended pending [her] compliance with court orders."

A Spears source gave more insight into the decision, telling PEOPLE Spears was unreachable for court-related calls due to bad reception at her Malibu home. Despite repeated attempts to reach the singer on her cell phone, the source says Spears "waited" but "it never rang."

Kaplan, speaking to PEOPLE Thursday as he was leaving dinner at Katsuya restaurant in Brentwood, also confirmed that Britney and Kevin's 730 evaluations – which involve a third party assessing the quality of parenting and making observation-based recommendations regarding the final custody arrangement – have begun.

Therapy Sessions
As for the co-parenting therapy sessions she and Federline must attend together: "They are just about to do that."

This latest development follows an endless string of major and minor legal mandates including working with a parenting coach and submitting to random drug tests. After losing her custody temporarily on Oct. 1, Spears appeared and was granted one overnight visit a week with sons Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

According to a source, Spears is currently doing "fine."

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Congratulations to Shar Jackson for winning Celebrity Rap Superstar!

Shar Jackson Wins MTV's Celebrity Rap-Off
FRIDAY OCTOBER 19, 2007 07:00 AM EDT
By Mary Margaret

Finding rap success in a way that ex Kevin Federline might envy, Shar Jackson was crowned last celebrity standing on MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar – beating out Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson.

"I couldn't believe it. I just knew Kendra had it since she was definitely a favorite." Jackson told PEOPLE exclusively, "It's hard to beat a Bunny!"

Jokes aside, Jackson reveled in the surprise victory: "I looked up at my kids and the look on their faces made me tear up. They were so proud of me."

The reality show, which recently gave Jackson an outlet to bash Britney Spears, opened up new possibilities for the Moesha actress. "If I can have a career having fun, that's just awesome," she said about making a name for herself in music. "I really, really enjoy it. Why not?"

Federline's Parents Attend
Celebrating at the wrap party with her family and even Federline's parents, Jackson took a moment to remember what inspired her to join the show.

"I dedicate this whole thing to Lamont Bentley, who played my brother Hakeem on Moesha," Jackson said, "He passed away in a car accident two years ago and what he really, really wanted to do was rap. So I did all of this in his honor."

So what was Federline's advice? "He just wished me luck and told me to kill 'em." Her kids sent her off with a more gentle approach. "They gave me a bunch of big kisses," she said.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Britney Is At Kevin's House Right Now?

An interesting development! In light of her visitation woes, Brit - along with her new assistant - appears to be headed toward ex-hubbie Kevin Federline's Tarzana home right now! (The house is in a residential neighborhood and part of a gated community.) The two boys are there with the nanny... but where's K-Fed?

X17 is with Kevin right this moment and we can XCLUSIVELY confirm that he is not at home - where the kids currently are - but rather out shopping alone. We'll bring you an update ASAP, so stay with us!
Source: X17Online.com
X17 is with Brit right now and she just picked up some take-out from Rubio's Mexican Grill... literally one block away from Kevin Federline's Tarzana home! Brit's day started at her Bel-Air home, and after that she traveled (with her assistant) to her home in Malibu. Finally she ended up at Rubio's - but why all the way out there?
X17 can also confirm that did not seem like her usual chipper self. The Gimme More singer was arguing with someone on the phone, looking upset and nervous. What's wrong? Britney's next destination? We'll stay with her - more details coming!
Source: X17Online.com
This may well come to nothing, X17 often make out like they have an exclusive and it's nothing at all but we will keep you posted.

Sources talk to E! Online about new court order

Source: Britney "I Can't Believe This Is Happening"
by Tina Dirmann
Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:02:57 PM PDT

A week ago, Kevin Federline grudgingly consented to allow Britney Spears overnight visits with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

It didn't take long for him to change his mind.

During a closed-door emergency hearing Wednesday, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon suspended Spears' visitation rights until she complied with his full custody order, which includes parenting sessions and random drug tests.

The decision has devastated the singer.

"She's really upset," a source close to Spears tells E! Online. "She keeps saying, 'I can't believe this is happening.' It's like she just can't accept what's happened."

A second source familiar with the ongoing custody tug-of-war tells E! Online Federline was so angry when the children came back to him after their last visit with Spears two days ago he vowed to do whatever it takes to keep his ex-wife from seeing their babies again until she cleans up her act.

"She just doesn't take parenting seriously," the Federline insider says. "And Kevin knows it. He keeps saying he's genuinely scared for their safety." And not even a court-ordered monitor has changed that.

"He knows that even with monitored visits, no one can make Britney do what she doesn't want to do," the source adds. "She's used to telling people what to do, pushing people out of her way. She's a hard woman to control."

Federline was convinced Spears wasn't living up to her maternal responsibilities after the kids came back to his house crying and surly.

"They came back to his house, and their eating schedule was off, their sleeping schedule was off, and they won't listen to him, because he knows they haven't been getting any discipline at her house," the Federline associate claims.

"He has to start all over, getting them settled again, calm them down and reintroduce them to their normal schedules. And it's frustrating for him. He's been tolerating this for a long time, but he thought maybe it would get better with a monitor involved. It hasn't."

During the last dropoff with the kids two days ago, eyewitnesses say Spears appeared to be in a very foul mood, even snapping at her brand-new assistant.

"She was walking very fast and then bitching because her new assistant wasn't walking fast enough to keep up," recounts the insider from the Federline camp. "She kept saying things like, 'Oh, come on! Will you hurry up?' And it just made the whole situation so tense for everyone."

Federline heard about how ill-tempered Spears seemed after the fact, because he doesn't go to the dropoffs himself, instead preferring to let security bring him the children.

"He just knows he can't see her, because she is so unapproachable, and he's afraid she'll get all bananas in front of the kids, like she used to when they were married," the K-Fed source says.

Federline is also concerned about the level of paparazzi attention to Spears' every move.

"When they were married, they had a dozen or so photographers following them around," the Federline insider continues. "But now, she's got this unmanageable horde around her all the time. Sometimes 50 or more people are all around her, and what kind of affect does that have on the kids? But Brit doesn't care anymore, she just acts like it's all so normal."

Federline turned to his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, for help once again, asking him to look into how the monitored visits are going and whether Spears had been going to the parenting coach. She apparently had not. She also may have missed a drug test.

"So, Kevin wanted back in court right away to see about cutting off her visits," the Federline source explains.

"Kevin believes it's the only way she'll start paying attention to her responsibilities, by making her feel the consequences of shirking them."

The parenting coach is due to submit a report at the next hearing on Oct. 26, when Gordon may modify the custody arrangement yet again. Spears and Federline are both expected to attend.

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Britney's Visitation Suspended

TMZ has learned Britney Spears has had her visitation rights with her kids suspended until she complies with all court orders.

The order by L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon came after K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went to court yesterday for an emergency hearing.

The order reads, "Petitioner's (Britney's) visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner's compliance with the court orders."

Brit's next shot at getting the kids is October 26, when she's been ordered back to court.

The order says, "The parenting coach is to submit a report to the court and counsel prior to October 26, 2007."

UPDATE: We've learned Brit did not provide the drug testing people with contact information so they could reach her to facilitate the random tests, and that is what triggered Commish Gordon's action.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kevin and Britney - Surprise Custody Hearing

Surprise! Britney Spears and Kevin Federline had an unscheduled custody hearing today in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Both attorneys were present in the courtroom, but would not comment about what they discussed, neither would a spokesperson for the Courts.

Last week, Commissioner Scott Gordon amended his original order and allowed Brit Brit to have one night a week of overnight visitation with her sons.

Both Spears and Federline must appear before the Commish on Oct. 26 for another hearing on custody.

Source: tmz.com

(Another) Surprise Hearing in the Brit/K-Fed Custody Case
Wednesday October 17, 2007

Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, called for an ex-parte hearing in Federline and Britney Spears' ongoing custody battle this morning in Los Angeles Superior Court. Spears' attorneys were notified, and legal representatives for both parties were present by 9:20 a.m. Judge Scott M. Gordon sealed the courtroom, which let out an hour later.

Though Spears and Federline were not present today, they are required to be in court for their next scheduled hearing on October 26. (Hopefully, by then, Brit will be over her tiff with her judge.)

Currently, Federline has custody of their sons, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1. Spears has been given visitation rights, including a hard-won overnight visit, but she must be supervised by a court-appointed monitor. Additionally, she has been ordered by the court to submit to drug tests, and attend counseling and parenting classes.

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Rumor: Was Kevin smoking weed in Wilmington?

According to New York Daily News, sources said Kevin was smoking "fragrant cigarettes" while on set in Wilmington, N.C. shooting his seventh episode of One Tree Hill. They also say they talked to a bartender there that says Kevin once had two beers and left a $600 tip.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Kevin With His Producer

X17 caught up with K-Fed minus Sean and Jayden, who was out around town with his producer. His producer tells us that he’s working on K-Fed’s second album. Good Luck! Later he retreated back to his San Bernardino residence.

Click to enlarge.

See video here.

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