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Kevin Federline mentioned in Blender article "Britney Spears: The Road to Ruin"

Full article at blender.com.

Later that year, when Spears had a one-night stand with an LFO backup dancer named Kevin Federline (nicknamed Meat Pole for his manhood), “it turned into a three-day stand at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” according to a Federline family friend. “All they did was have sex and order room service.” Afterward, “he called his brother Chris, like, ‘You’re not going to believe whose back I broke,’” and, the friend says, bragged that they hadn’t used condoms.

Britney invited Kevin to join her on a promotional tour in England, and though he didn’t have a passport, one was quickly procured. On the flight home, they got engaged, and then she bought herself a $50,000 engagement ring.

Britney’s romance with Kevin also intensified her affair with the paparazzi. Two fantasies of love—with a man, and with the public—joined when she took Kevin to the beach one afternoon to show off her new boyfriend to the world. The number of photographers trailing Britney doubled after Kevin came on the scene, and the value of a premium shot of her climbed 500 percent.

She was rich and famous. He was, as she put it, “normal.” She claimed to love this about him, but the discrepancy caused trouble from the start. Britney’s solution? Equalize their status by starring together in a reality show. Against all advice, Britney insisted, and the result, UPN’s Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, ran for five episodes.

“I knew it was bad for her,” says a source who was involved in the deal. “But I thought, Fuck it. I’ll make a lot of dough.”

“Chaotic destroyed the image that we had worked so carefully to create,” says one of her advisers at the time, who opposed the project. “She thought that if she showed the world everything, everyone would love her for it. What it did, instead, was make her look like white trash—and that is not what she is. She’s better than that. It created an appetite for this wild and crazy girl and created this spiral where nothing can satisfy that appetite.”

Chaotic, a withering mash of fart jokes, bull sessions and deadening sexual compulsiveness, was mostly filmed by Britney and Kevin with handheld cameras. It is porn without skin, reeking with the unacknowledged despair of people who have become things, even to themselves.

In a hotel room, Kevin asks, “How do you feel?”

Britney: “Great.”

Kevin: “Why do you feel great?”

Britney: “The sex is great.”

Kevin: “What else is great? Is it just the sex?”

Cut to an interview where Britney explains how she overcomes obstacles to intimacy with Kevin: “I’m not really good with just really being intimate one-on-one, and I think it helped me to have a camera there, instead of it just being me and him.”

The couple had two children (Sean Preston, now 2, and Jayden James, 1; Federline has two previous children, with actress Shar Jackson). “She had this fantasy of being a wife and mother, so everything happened fast,” says one former handler, unsurprised that Britney and Kevin’s relationship quickly circled the drain. Kevin told friends of wild mood swings and fights, calling her “bi-polar”—eruptions sometimes triggered by the hours she spent jealously scouring the list of female “friends” on his MySpace page. Though sources close to the couple say Kevin was philandering and a bit of a freeloader, his experience with fatherhood also made him the more domestic spouse. “He was Mr. Mom,” changing diapers and rising early to cook breakfast, says a friend.

California child-welfare officials visited the couple’s home after receiving reports of negligence, supported by paparazzi photographs and video. To set the record straight, Britney sat for a tearful Dateline NBC interview with Matt Lauer. She did her own hair and makeup, wore a cheap outfit, chewed gum throughout the conversation and talked about how much she enjoys housekeeping. She was trying to show the world she was a regular girl and that her recent maternal mishaps­—nearly dropping Sean outside a hotel, letting him ride in her lap instead of strapped in a car seat—had been unfairly magnified by relentless public scrutiny. But the interview, a PR disaster, only made her look more disconnected from reality.

That fall, Britney called former manager Larry Rudolph to New York for a meeting. (The two had parted ways around the time of Chaotic.) When he showed up, she announced she was divorcing Federline and wanted to rehire Rudolph and get back to work. Despite her best intentions, though, her discipline had waned, and as Thanksgiving approached, she went on a hedonistic, labia-flashing tear through Hollywood clubland with her new buddy Paris Hilton.

Last Valentine’s Day, an inner circle of family and friends gathered to persuade Britney to seek help for substance abuse, and she flew with Rudolph to a rehab facility in Antigua. The next day she checked out, returned to L.A., shaved her head, attacked a pap’s car with an umbrella and spent five days going wild before voluntarily checking into Promises rehab center in Malibu. She stayed for only 30 days of the center’s standard 45-day program and returned home in March.

She ended her rehabilitation early “because that would have required her to admit, in front of the world, that she had problems. That was the one thing she couldn’t do,” says one of Britney’s closest companions during this time, sounding eaten by frustration. “Is there anyone on the planet, except for Britney Spears, who cannot see that Britney has a problem? After that, she pushed her family, literally everyone, away.”

So, Britney was willing to let go of every intimate relationship she had, to avoid admitting to the abstract mass of “the public” that her life was a mess—even though everyone knew that her life was a mess?

“That would not be an unreasonable reading of the situation.”

A June divorce ruling in accordance with Britney and Kevin’s prenuptial agreement stipulated joint custody of the children. Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, challenged the financial settlement, which was in accordance with the prenup: a lump sum rumored to be about $1 million. In September, Britney agreed to give Kevin an extra $20,000 per month for the rest of his life.

On the same day Britney made this concession, Kaplan filed a challenge to the custody agreement. The court quickly gathered testimony of Britney’s odd behavior, ranging from classic Stupid Celebrity Shit (driving without a valid license) to hair-­raisingly Freudian stories from a former bodyguard of “nudity by Ms. Spears, drug use and safety issues involving the children, post-rehab.” Within weeks, L.A. County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon temporarily suspended Britney’s physical custody of the children. He ordered her to undergo random drug testing, mandated parenting classes for the couple, forbade them to drink alcohol within 12 hours of assuming physical custody of the kids and gave a pathetically rudimentary list of guidelines about how to behave with their boys: “Each party is restrained from making derogatory remarks about the other party and the other party’s family or significant other, either directly or indirectly, to the minor children, and from allowing anyone else to do so.”

Here, the relationship between the California court and the kangaroo court of online gossip took a bizarre twist. The week before Commissioner Gordon suspended Britney’s custody rights, he had decreed that the children “shall be transferred in a properly insured and registered vehicle, which shall be driven only by a properly insured driver who has a current and valid driver’s license.” Two days later, TMZ.com posted a photo of Britney, who had still not gotten a license, driving her children in Malibu.

The next day, Federline’s lawyer convinced the judge to suspend custody rights.

This was not, by far, Spears’s only violation of the court orders. She had blown off drug testing and parenting classes and had been seen drinking alcohol within 12 hours before picking up the boys. (TMZ posted video of her in a club that night.) But from this point on, the infinite feedback loop between her bad behavior and its coverage online was sealed. TMZ and X17online.com videos of Britney, taken in the months following her custody suspension, show her running stop signs and rolling over a pap’s foot. She bumps another pap with her car, wincing, “sorry, sorry, sorry” in a baby voice; then, when she cannot figure out how to exit a parking garage, looks pleadingly to the paps and they assist her. They pump her gas, guide her through everyday confusion at a fast-food drive-through window and often pick up her tab. Not without reason, she seems to think there’s no need to settle her own accounts. She plays the role that they expect her to play. In a Van Nuys filling station, she picks up a $1.39 Bic lighter and walks away with it, looking into the video cameras and saying, “I stole something! Oh, I’m bad. Ohhh!”
Spotted: Kevin Federline shopping at the Fashion Square Mall in the Valley with his kids, Tater Tot and Small Fry, on Sunday. No paparazzi followed the happy family, thankfully.

Source: perezhilton.com

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kevin Federline to present “Superbowl’s Greatest Commercials”

Britney Spears’s ex Kevin Federline is sure to impress the judge in their bitter child custody battle as he dresses up to the nines for his latest job.

K-Fed is the image of respectability puffing on a pipe and sporting a cravate while reading in a study. But it’s not a cunning new tactic in his struggle with the Toxic singer over their kids.

Federline has landed a job helping to introduce a collection of the Superbowl’s most memorable adverts in the countdown to the American Football showpiece next month.

Even Britney will have to admit the wannabe actor scrubs up well for the special “Superbowl’s Greatest Commercials” show.

And while she has taken to speaking in a fake English accent, it’s K-Fed who has the English country gent look off to a tee.

Source: showbizspy.com

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Britney Pal Sam Lutfi Deposed by K-Fed Lawyer

Britney Spears confidante Sam Lutfi was deposed Thursday by Kevin Federline's lawyer, a source confirms.

Lutfi has avoided the questioning for months, having evaded being served a notice to appear by Federline's legal team.

Last August, former Israeli commando Aaron Cohen, hired by lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, tried to subpoena Lutfi by boxing in his car in L.A., but failed to serve him.

Lutfi was finally served on Nov. 7 "in the parking lot of a place in Hollywood," Kaplan told PEOPLE, but pulled a no-show for at least one appointment in November.

Kaplan is gathering evidence in a series of legal interviews of former Spears associates to prepare for trial in April for Federline's request for primary physical custody of the ex-couple's children.

Spears herself has only completed two sessions to date, after missing numerous appointments with Kaplan.

Source: people.com

No Visitation for Britney Spears After Hearing

Britney Spears was not granted visitation rights with her two sons after the singer arrived for a custody hearing Wednesday – then left the courthouse before it began.

"The hearing is over. The previous custody orders – in which Ms Spears has no visitation – have not changed," court rep Allan Parachini said Wednesday.

"Both sides were heard in court. Notice was taken of Ms. Spears's absence by the court," he continued. "She arrived at the courthouse, but (shortly afterward) indicated that she wanted to leave. [Kevin Federline] did answer some questions posed by (Commissioner Scott Gordon)."

Attorney's for Spears had been seeking visitation rights for the singer.

The emergency hearing, which the pop singer had requested, was a replay of last week's hearing, when Spears showed up at the courthouse only to depart, missing a session in which she lost all access to sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1.

Neither Spears nor her ex-husband Kevin Federline is required to attend the hearings.

Spears and Federline arrived separately at the downtown Los Angeles courthouse Wednesday morning. Federline was seen entering the courtroom, but a court spokesman said Spears had left in a silver Mercedes.

Spears, 26, lost visitation rights indefinitely following her brief hospitalization earlier this month after a four-hour custody standoff involving police.

On Monday, she was questioned for 45 minutes by Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan in what the lawyer called a "gut-wrenching" deposition.

Source: people.com

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kevin Federline's second appearance on One Tree Hill tonight!

Kevin Federline on One Tree Hill promo

YouTube link

K-Fed Lawyer's on Spears Deposition; Britney in Court Tomorrow

Britney Spears's deposition at the hands of Kevin Federline lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan has been an emotionally difficult experience that has only just begun, Kaplan tells PEOPLE.

"We are going over things that are very, very gut-wrenching," Kaplan said Monday night, speaking outside of Katsuya restaurant in Brentwood. He declined to discuss specifics of the questioning, but said, "Just to revisit them even in your own mind would not be pleasurable."

"It's not something anyone would enjoy," he says.

Spear has a spotty record with past deposition dates in the custody case, missing numerous appointments and sitting for only 14 minutes on Jan. 3. Kaplan is expected to be grilling Spears, 26, about past drug and alcohol use, her failure to comply with court orders and any other subject relating to her fitness as a parent.

After a meltdown and brief forced hospitalization, Spears lost visitation rights with sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1. Ex-husband Federline, 29, has sole legal and physical custody.

Even Monday's session was in doubt.

"She was about 50 minutes late," he says. "After an hour I would have been over it. I was prepared to terminate had she not showed at that time."

Spears was spotted biting her fingernails when arriving to Kaplan's Century City Plaza office. After spending more than two hours there, Spears appeared tense and lit up a cigarette behind the wheel of her Mercedes before driving through Beverly Hills listening to Madonna on the stereo.

The deposition on a national holiday Monday was booked after the shortened deposition on Jan. 3. The holiday booking was done to accommodate busy lawyer schedules, says Kaplan, and it "did dovetail into allowing this to be a low-profile appearance."

Kaplan says there will further depositions in the unspecified future, claiming that he has only worked through "2 percent" of his questions.

"There is a lot of work to be done," he says. But he adds he was heartened by the idea of even having the meeting in the first place.

"She came for her deposition, that's great," says Kaplan. "Showing up is form over substance."

Source: people.com

Britney Headed Back To Court; Kaplan Says She's 'Not The Enemy'

It appears Britney Spears will be in court tomorrow – at least according to her pal Sam Lutfi.

Sam has told Access Hollywood Brit will indeed head to court on Wednesday.

She will reportedly go before the judge to ask for her visitation rights to be restored with her two boys – Sean Preston and Jayden James.

No word yet on whether Kevin Federline will be present at the Wednesday hearing.

On Monday, Britney showed up for her scheduled deposition with Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan. Accompanied by her lawyer, Tara Scott and Lutfi, Britney spent approximately two hours behind closed doors with Kaplan.

Following the deposition, Kaplan spoke with Access Hollywood about his session with the pop star.

“It's not a very enjoyable thing and nobody says, ‘God, I have nothing to do, let's go be deposed.’ But it was progress. It took a lot of time. It was slow going but hopefully there will be further sessions in order to complete what we have to discover,” Kaplan told Access.

And while Britney was at Kaplan’s offices for about two hours on Monday, the attorney told Access not all of that time was spent answering questions.

“I think there was probably about 45 minutes of actual cross-examination, which is better than fourteen minutes,” Kaplan noted, citing his last deposition with Britney, which she left after only 14 minutes.

Despite all her recent troubles and public exploits, Kevin’s camp is hopefully Britney will once again be part of her children’s lives.

“Well, that’s the hope and the expectation,” Kaplan revealed. “There are certain things that have to be done by her in order to make everyone comfortable and to answer any unresolved questions so that we don't have to worry about anything that occurred a few weeks ago being something other than a [disgusting] event. She is not the enemy. She is not being viewed as the enemy and what is being done, even though it may be unpopular with her, is to make sure that she can be a full participant going forward in the future.”

Last week, LA Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon extended the suspension of Britney's visitation rights when she failed to appear in court.

She eventually showed up, however, turned around and left before ever entering the building.

Source: accesshollywood.com

From TMZ.com:

Brit Wants Therapeutic Visitation
Posted Jan 22nd 2008 12:09PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' lawyers will go to court tomorrow and ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to allow Brit "monitored visitation in a therapeutic setting."

TMZ has learned Brit's family and professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to get Britney mental help. As TMZ first reported, Britney has some sort of bipolar disorder. We know the plan is not involuntary commitment -- under the law she's simply not a candidate. It's not voluntarily commitment either -- Brit has refused to do that. The family and professionals have devised a different way of getting her evaluated and hopefully treated.

But there's a rub, which we'll explain in the next post.

The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Don't know if Brit and K-Fed will show, but it's certainly not out of the question.

Brit Wants What Judge Has Already Ordered
Posted Jan 22nd 2008 12:28PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Commissioner Scott Gordon has repeatedly ordered Britney Spears to undergo a psychological evaluation but she has refused to comply.

We're told the Commish has issued multiple orders -- known as a 730 evaluation. Now, as we just reported, Brit's family and professionals have devised a plan to get her mental health help in a "creative way." But given his previous orders, the Commish may not be receptive, and almost certainly K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will object.

Evaluating bipolar disorder is a long process. If it's done pursuant to a 730 evaluation, the results are submitted to the court. If the Commish were to accept the alternative form of treatment, a doctor-patient privilege could prevent certain information from making its way to the court (unless the privilege is waived).

Here's the likely scenario based on what we're hearing: K-Fed (and probably the court) will not want Brit to bypass the 730 evaluation process. That could make it unlikely for Brit's lawyers to win a bid to regain visitation in a therapeutic setting.

We'll be live streaming video at the courthouse tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lawyer: K-Fed Wants to 'Minimize Hardship' on Kids

Kevin Federline's lawyer says Monday's court decision to keep Britney Spears from visiting her children is a difficult decision with a clear impact on all of the family members.

Mark Vincent Kaplan called the court order barring Spears from visiting her children indefinitely "painful, but appropriate." Especially affected will be the boys Jayden, 1, and Preston, 2.

"Kevin's not indifferent to how difficult it has to be on their mother (Spears) and on the kids," Kaplan told PEOPLE. "It's a sad situation. There's no victorious feeling."

The court hearing on Monday focused on Britney's four-hour standoff on Jan. 3 and her subsequent hospitalization. Spears was temporarily stripped of the visitation rights immediately following the incident, and the court commissioner decided this week to continue the ban indefinitely.

"Kevin wants nothing more than to be able to parent his children with participation by their mother," says Kaplan. "But the best interest of the children require that they be in the most sound, safe, nurturing and consistent environment. That is paramount."

He adds, "[Kevin] is committed to trying to fill any void by him being there at all times for them in any way. He can't replace their mother in their life but he is going to try to minimize the hardship."

Source: people.com

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kevin Federline opens up to Interview magazine on eve of his 'One Tree Hill' debut

Isn't it funny how Kevin Federline went from being perceived as a deadbeat dad to being seen as father of the year?

Sure, ex-wife Britney Spears' antics help, but it's a bit strategic on his part as well, as the dancer-turned-rapper-turned-actor explained to Interview for the magazine's new issue. "You have to have an overall vision of how you want people to see you," he told the mag.

Since Federline has been keeping a low profile, part of how people see him is via the characters he plays on TV — a string of punk types who don't respond well to authority. Is it typecasting or is it playing with the image he knew people had of him at the time? "We did this spot [for Nationwide Insurance that aired during last year's Super Bowl] of me making fun of myself," he told Interview. "And the way that it turned out is that I started changing people's perceptions of who I was and it opened up my mind to do more stuff."

After a one-off guest stint more than a year ago on "CSI," K-Fed is back on the small screen via a recurring guest spot on "One Tree Hill," starting Tuesday (January 15) and continuing through February 12. "I loved that they kept bringing [my character] Jason back," he told MTV News. "I got to find out who he is and how to portray him. It was great!"

A fan since the first season, Federline said that he was hooked once a friend of his, Antwon Tanner, got cast on the show as Skills. Federline calls his own character, a wannabe rocker who resists anyone else's input, "an arrogant ass." "Hopefully none of that is me," Federline told MTV News, "but I'd say the part that is me is the performer. I love being onstage, whether it's dancing or acting — there's just something about being onstage."

Like his ex, Federline shaved his head — but when he took the shears to his hair, it was to help him get in character. "It was mostly my idea," said K-Fed, who sported a Mohawk when he showed up to court on Monday.

But unlike his ex, Federline doesn't want to make a public display of his private life — one of the things that appealed to him about shooting "One Tree Hill" is that it's filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. He attributes the out-of-L.A. experience to the reason the cast feels more "like a family." "I know every cast says that, but I think it's different because they all live in the same small town and really do get along," he told MTV News.

And whether he's on the set or at home, "Family comes first," he told Interview. By that, he means he's not going to offer up information about either his two sons with Spears (Sean Preston and Jayden James) or his daughter and son with Shar Jackson (Kori and Kaleb), or their respective mothers, even though he's in a very public custody battle. "You won't ever really hear me talk about them, other than I love them," Federline told the magazine. "I wish I could get into all the personal stuff, but like I said, I can't. I can't do it. I won't do it."

Not that he doesn't understand the public interest. "I think the infatuation with the whole thing is that watching us go through things makes other people feel normal," he told Interview. But even though "everything is so publicized and everybody is looking at it, it's normal for us," he said.

"People put it up on this pedestal when it's really the same way that everybody goes through their stuff, you know?" he told Interview. "It's not really any different. Not to say that I like having the paparazzi around or that I like having my life in the media. But as much as I try to be mad at it, I can't be. I just can't. I'll never be. I've been upset at it before, but ... I had to learn that there are good things that can come from it."

Such as fledgling acting and rapping careers. "The paparazzi and the press have given me a voice," he admitted to Interview. "No matter how I got the voice, it's there." And he confessed to MTV News, "I have officially caught the acting bug. ... I am just getting started." He just wants to find "the right opportunity" that he can balance with his other new role, handed down by the court — "full-time dad."

Source: mtv.com

Although the paparazzi follow their every move, Kevin Federline says his struggles with ex-wife Britney Spears are nothing unique.

"People put it up on this pedestal when it's really the same way that everybody else goes through their stuff, you know?" he tells Interview magazine in its February issue. "It's not really any different."

The only difference, he says, is the media attention.

"Even though everything is so publicized and everybody is looking at it, it's normal for us," he says. "I think the infatuation with the whole thing is that watching us go through things makes other people feel normal."

Asked if he's now America's most famous father, Federline laughs and says, "I don't know. Brad Pitt's pretty up there, too."

Source: people.com

One Tree Hill: Episode 5.3 "My Way Home is Through You" Recap

Full recap at buddytv.com.

On tonight's episode, Kevin Federline shows up as an obnoxious wannabe rock star. It's quite the stretch for him.
At Tric, Kevin Federline's character, Jason, is done wailing like a dying animal and enters Hayley's office. She tries to woo him to sign to her label, but his judgment is stronger than his acting talent, and he wisely declines. After all, she has no other clients and her business is based in a tiny town in North Carolina. What kind of record label is that?
After that little embarrassment, Peyton goes back to Tric with renewed determination to talk Jason into signing to her label. She tells him that she may not have any other clients, but she has plenty of experience, and dagnabbit, she has gusto and moxie too! It's a really poor sales pitch, but because it doesn't take much to woo K-Fed he'll probably fall for it.
The episode wraps up with Peyton deciding to move in to Brooke's new house, Lucas ensuring Lindsey that she has no reason to be jealous, Dan receiving a picture of his grandson, and Jason sinking his career by signing to Peyton's label. Peyton also makes peace with the bamboo plant, finally deciding to leave her obsession with it behind and to move on with her life. Can she get past this horrible fascination, or will the mystery of the potentially duplicitous housewarming gift continue? Tune in next week to One Tree Hill to find out!

People: 6 Questions With Kevin Federline

Video: The One Tree Hill actor reveals the one thing you'll never see him do on TV.

Source: people.com

Pics: Sean/Jayden with Kevin's nanny yesterday

Click images for full size.

Source: britney.cl

Britney Misses Hearing, K-Fed Keeps Kids

Britney Spears still may not visit her children, a court commissioner ruled Monday, following a custody hearing the pop singer missed.

Kevin Federline, who testified at the session, maintains sole legal and physical custody of their two sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1, "indefinitely," a court spokesman says.

"The word victory is not something Mr. Federline or his counsel would ascribe to this situation," Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said. "His hope is that he will be able to parent the children at some point in the future with participation from the mother."

In a bizarre and chaotic scene outside the courthouse, Spears arrived for the afternoon session of the proceedings – but abruptly left the courthouse after paparazzi surrounded her.

"I'm scared. I want to get in the car. I'm going in the car," she said after stepping out of the car as photographers crowded around her.

Spears, 26, then got back in the car. Police tried to coax her out, but she slammed her back against the seat and shouted, "No!" Spears's car eventually drove off.

Church and Lunch
Spears, who had also missed the morning session, then drove to the Little Brown Church near her home in Studio City, where she went inside briefly.

"She wasn't even there for long, just in and out," said assistant pastor Michael Kosik, who noted that even though Spears was wearing white she "did not try to get married." "I think she just needed to get away."

Spears then had lunch at the Gaucho Grill with her paparazzi pal Adnan Ghalib, friend Sam Lutfi and a third man.

"Britney was very quiet and seemed sad and upset," the singer's waitress says. "She wore her sunglasses inside. ... She seemed drained."

The court hearing had focused on Spears's four-hour Jan. 3 standoff with police, firefighters and paramedics at her Studio City home. Events that evening resulted in Spears being hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and later being stripped of visitation rights.

Five witnesses testified at the hearing, including two police officers, the court-appointed custody monitor and Federline's bodyguard – who all were at Spears's house during the standoff. Also testifying was a parenting coach who was not at the scene.

A trial in the case is set for April.

Source: people.com

Monday, January 14, 2008

"Most Significant" Hearing So Far In Case To Be Held Today

Britney Spears' effort to regain visitation rights with her two small children is back on the court docket for what an attorney described Sunday as "the most significant hearing in the case so far."

Police and emergency medical technicians who were summoned to her home Jan. 3 in a standoff involving her refusal to return the boys to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, will testify Monday, probably behind closed doors, his lawyer said.

"I don't know if she will be there," Mark Vincent Kaplan told The Associated Press, but he suggested she would have to appear in person if she wants to press her request to see her children. "You can't phone this one in."

If Spears comes to court, Kaplan said she would be expected to testify. "She will have the opportunity to persuade the court that she can have some visitation under monitored conditions," he said.

Phone and e-mail messages requesting comment from Spears' attorneys Sunday afternoon were not immediately returned.

Kaplan said he knew it was only a temporary measure when he obtained emergency court orders two weeks ago granting sole physical and legal custody to Federline."These are very, very draconian orders," Kaplan said. "Because of that the court wanted to have a hearing to give her and her attorneys the opportunity to refute some of the declarations. No judge likes making orders terminating a person's involvement with their kids."

Meanwhile, police were preparing for a media frenzy in the downtown civic center if Spears appears, issuing warnings Sunday that vehicle and pedestrian violations would lead to citations.Kaplan said that if Spears comes to court, he would like to cross-examine her on the events of Jan. 3.

Source: rr.com/ AP Special Correspondent

Friday, January 11, 2008

Kevin Federline's One Tree Hill episodes will air on January 15, January 22, and February 19

While Britney Spears was getting busy in court last fall, her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, was getting busy on the set of One Tree Hill.

We just received this picture, above, of Mr. Federline filming a scene for the CW show—which will feature the former backup dancer on a three-episode arc, beginning on Jan. 15, in which he plays a musician with a pension for super-worn jeans and wife-beaters. It also appears that Mr. Federline, 29, can moss a nasty Vin Diesel impression, if with slightly less-defined guns.

Source: observer.com

[Kevin Federline's] episodes will air this Tuesday, on Jan. 22 and Feb. 19.

Source: blogs.orlandosentinel.com

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kevin Federline Back in Studio

Kevin Federine may be a stay-at-home dad, but apparently he's still interested in working for a living.

Not one to sit around eating bonbons all day, Kevin Federline has been cranking out new tunes in his home studio and is planning to give the music biz another try, sources tell E! Online.

But the "PopoZ√£o" purveyor, whose debut album, Playing with Fire, sold barely 20,000 copies, is supposedly an ex-aspiring rapper now.

"Kevin has been actively producing, nurturing new artists and doing it all from his home studio, so he can be there for his kids whenever they need him," said a source close to Federline. "He loves the music business and is committed to making it a career for himself, even if it's not as a singer.

"He knows no one will ever take him seriously as a performer, so he's working behind the scenes as a producer."

That K-Fed is looking more levelheaded every day.

Source: eonline.com

Kevin Federline has Most-Talked-About Super Bowl Ad

Britney's Ex Beats Out Jessica Simpson, Sheryl Crow for Most-Talked-About Super Bowl Ad
By Megan McIlroy

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Like chips and seven-layer dip, celebrity ads have become a Super Bowl staple. But marketers need more than a famous face to resonate with viewers -- they need buzz, according to new market research from Cymfony, a division of TNS Media Intelligence.

"A celebrity alone is not a sufficiently strong message to support a brand," said Jim Nail, chief marketing and strategy officer for Cymfony. "It goes back to the sort of fundamental word-of-mouth-marketing principals that an [ad] needs to be something unusual, kind of unexpected, that gets people to say, 'Wow, why is that happening?'"

Ranking celebrity ads from last year's Super Bowl on the basis of volume, favorability and polarity in traditional media and social media, Cymfony found that insurance company Nationwide's pairing with wannabe rapper and former Britney Spears flame Kevin Federline was the year's most successful celebrity spot. The ad, which features Mr. Federline rapping about fame and fortune one minute and slinging fries as a fast-food worker the next, garnered about eight times the "buzz" of other Super Bowl ads because it was unexpected, Mr. Nail said.

"Kevin Federline is kind of this non-personality, non-celebrity who [stars in] this endorsement ... where he pokes fun of himself," Mr. Nail said.

Why others fell flat
By comparison, other celebrity ads that aired during last year's Super Bowl, including a Pizza Hut ad starring singer Jessica Simpson and a Revlon spot featuring singer Sheryl Crow, fell flat because they followed traditional, safe patterns of celebrity endorsement, Mr. Nail said.

Doing PR in advance of a celebrity spot is best way for marketers to generate hype for a celebrity spot, he said, noting that Nationwide got even more attention when the National Restaurant Association raised concern about the way Mr. Federline portrayed fast-food workers. By having Mr. Federline issue an apology to the organization, the insurance marketer garnered even more attention for the ad. (Incidentally, Mr. Nail recommends that any marketer launching a potentially controversial celebrity ad have a crisis-communications team firmly in place beforehand.)

Looking ahead to 2008's Super Bowl prospects, Mr. Nail said he is anticipating the pairings between former "Baywatch" siren Carmen Electra and Hershey's and Justin Timberlake and Pepsi, because both have potential to generate heat. Ms. Electra's sexy image and Mr. Timberlake's first Super Bowl appearance since that infamous "wardrobe malfunction" of 2004 have already sparked talk in the blogosphere, Mr. Nail said.

"[Advertisers] have to take a risk," he said. "The safe, tried-and-true sports figures and actors with a product just don't do it."

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Video: Kevin Federline on One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill clip - My Way Home Is Through You

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One Tree Hill Stars Talk About Kevin On TRL

Kevin Federline's "One Tree Hill" co-stars dished about his work ethic and generosity on MTV's "TRL". Federline has a recurring guest roll on the CW show. After being called "so professional and so nice" and even brought his mom to the set. Listen closely, and at the end you can hear Chad Michael Murray say how Spears' ex not only came to his birthday party but bought everyone drinks.

See video here.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Kevin Keeping Low After Britney's Meltdown

In the wake of Britney Spears's release from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a subdued Kevin Federline spent the weekend hunkered down at his Tarzana home with sons Preston, 2, and Jayden, 1.

Federline – who has been granted sole legal and physical custody of the boys following Spears's Thursday night meltdown – was not spotted once outside of the house and, a source says, he's settled into "lockdown mode."

"He's freaked about people seeing his kids. It's just not happening right now," adds the Federline source. "His tight circle is even tighter right now. He doesn't even have his phone on." The source described Federline's mood as "sad" and "freaked" over his ex-wife's breakdown. "If there was any kind of consolation at all, it was that [Britney] was in the hospital. But now she's out of there. He was shocked [she was released], but then again he wasn't. Because it's all about who she is. No one tells her anything."

Federline did have at least one guest over the weekend. His lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, visited for a few hours on Sunday night. Upon leaving, Kaplan told photographers "the kids are well and Kevin is watching the football game."

Source: People

Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney Loses Visitation Rights

Britney Spears lost her child-visitation rights Friday following her 72-hour lockdown for a mental evaluation.

Kevin Federline is "awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the minor children," court Commissioner Scott Gordon said in a written ruling after an emergency hearing.

Gordon said Spears's "visitation with the minor children is suspended pending further order of the court."

The order is in effect until Jan. 14.

After the 40-minute hearing, Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said: "There are no winners here."

He said he was "not happy about any of the events that have happened."

Police responded to Spears's house on Thursday night after she refused to turn over the boys to Federline's bodyguard after a visitation day. Kaplan arrived at the house "to bring a document ... that identified the existing court order" about custody, he earlier told the Associated Press.

"I was up at the guard gate where (she) lives," he told AP. "I did not go in" to the home.

On Friday, Kaplan and Spears's attorney met privately with the judge in his chambers, then returned in the afternoon for a closed hearing.

Spears, meanwhile, is not facing any criminal charges – for now.

"The LAPD is not planning to file any charges against Ms. Spears at this time," Officer April Harding tells PEOPLE. "The investigation is ongoing."

Source: people.com

Kevin Arriving At Hospital, Takes Kids Home

While the pop star remains on "medical hold" at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, undergoing physical and psychological tests after being found to be under the influence of an unknown substance, sons Sean Preston and Jayden James are now safely back at the Tarzana home of father Kevin Federline.

Federline, 29, took the tots home early Friday morning, after he and the kids, along with Jamie Spears, Brit sidekick Sam Lutfi and a few hundred of their closest media pals, logged some quality time at the Los Angeles hospital.

As precautionary measure, the youngest Federtot was also transported by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai just after 12:30 a.m., where he was checked out by doctors. He was not treated for any injuries and was discharged into the care of his father.

Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is expected back in Los Angeles Superior County Court this morning, most likely to request Court Commissioner Scott Gordon strip Spears of her remaining custody rights out of safety concerns for their children.

Source: Eonline.com

Source: X17Online.com and BritneyExperts.com

Britney Rushed To Hospital While Looking After Kids

Britney Spears is defying court-mandated custody hours by refusing to turn over her sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline's bodyguard.

The pop star was due to turn over Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, at 7 p.m. PST. Federline's bodyguard arrived at her home to pick them up, but Spears would not budge. She has been with the kids since noon Thursday.

Ninety minutes later, police arrived."There have been police sent to that residence," an officer tells Usmagazine.com. "We don't know anymore at this time, but apparently they've arrived."

Spears' attorney, Sorrell Trope, tells Us, "In a normal case when someone shows up with a certified court order saying the kids need to be somewhere else, the police see to it that the order is obeyed. But that is in a normal case."

Spears had shown up for a custody deposition Thursday afternoon (after skipping two depositions in the past month) but left after about 45 minutes. "She was cooperative," Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said. "There has been no change in anything. It will be continued to another date, which I will not say at this time."

On Wednesday, Trope sought permission from the court to end his representation of the singer. A source told Usmagazine.com. "[His firm] couldn’t reign her in. No one can, and it's an embarrassment in front of the judge."Spears, 26, lost shared custody of her sons in October.

Source: TMZ.com

At 11:45pm, Britney was taken out of her gated community in an ambulance! Escorted by 13 police cars with sirens blaring and full police lights on, the troubled star is being taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for observation. "We are concerned about her mental state and believe she may be under the influence," an LAPD officer reveals to OK!.

OK! has learned that only younger son Jayden James was with Britney during the standoff. Witnesses confirm that Sean Preston was taken away by Kevin's security team earlier in the evening.

Source: OK!

He is a good guy! Federline arrived to Cedars Sinai around 12:20 A.M., PerezHilton.com has learned.

Kevin is worried about the mother of his children, who was rushed to the hospital after being found by police under the influence of an unknown substance and illegally keeping Tater Tot and Small Fry hostage.

Source: PerezHilton.com

Britney arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at approximately 12:30am PT. Her pal Sam Lutfi attempted to enter, but was not allowed to see her. K-Fed's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is also on hand, telling OK!, "I actually don't know what is going on."

Source: OK!

At this point nothing has been confirmed about why she was taken into hospital, and we don't know how much the kids saw if anything so I think we should reserve judgements and just pray for Britney. Pictures have shown her sitting up which is a good sign it's nothing too serious.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Britney Shows Up For Deposition

According to X17, Britney missed her scheduled deposition today (3rd): "Britney was scheduled to be deposed this morning at 9:45, but didn't leave her house until after 10. Sam is telling reporters that Britney is, indeed, a no-show.

According to the OK!, Kaplan may already be headed to the courthouse "to ask the judge to dismiss Britney's custody claim and give Kevin permanent custody.

"Perhaps there is a mix up for when the deposition is scheduled. According to documents released by TMZ just a few weeks ago, Britney was not scheduled to appear in court until the 8th and 9th of January, with a follow up in February of 08. We'll see.

Source: breatheheavy.com

She showed up late but sources tell us that Britney Spears finally showed up to her court-appointed deposition on Thursday. Spears was supposed to be deposed on Wednesday, but she didn't show up. It was the fifth time that the mother of two had flaked on K-Fed's lawyers.

The former pop star was luckily given the chance of doing her depo today. This time she showed. Finally. Today's deposition is only the first part. Spears is expected to undergo more questioning at a later time, we're told.

Source : PerezHilton.com

Slightly before noon, Brit emerged from Kaplan's office and drove off with her assistant Carla now along for the ride. Why such a short deposition? "It had been scheduled from 9:45 to 11:45 so she could be back home in time to be there when the boys arrived for their visitation day," explains an insider.

"This was basically a big F-U to Kaplan by Britney. She showed up as late as she possibly could and left as quickly as she could." Britney arrived back at her Beverly Hills home shortly after noon and is now with her visiting children. Kaplan is expected to say a few words to the press soon.

Source: thefreshzone.com

TMZ was in Century City, Calif. as Brit Brit came -- and went -- from her scheduled deposition today. Why the rush?! As K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan explained, the depo was originally scheduled to go from 9:45 to 11:45 AM. It poses a little bit of a problem when the person who is to be deposed shows up almost two hours late!

Kaplan says the proceedings started around 11:32 AM and he was able to fire off a few questions before having to end at the scheduled time -- thirteen minutes later. So much for asking deep questions!

So why was the popwreck so tardy? He wouldn't say. But he did say another depo has been scheduled. As for seeking sanctions against her, Kaplan says he hasn't decided yet. But he might, if her behavior caused his client -- K-Fed -- any undue "hardships." Hasn't she already?

Source: TMZ.com

Kevin On New Year's Eve

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Picture With Paris

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Video: Kevin Arrives At LAX Nightclub

Click here to see a video of Kevin arriving at LAX at Luxor in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve.