Friday, January 30, 2009

More Info about January 29

Following a night participating in their bowling league, Kevin Federline returned to his car with girlfriend Victoria Prince and his father Mike on Thrusday night (January 29).

And while the former Mr Britney Spears was in a bad mood after a poor performance at the lanes, he was surprised by walking out to find a bunch of dollar bills on his windshield.

Unfazed, K-Fed, his volleyball girlfriend and his dad quickly drove off without removing the cash as paparazzi snapped up pictures.


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Kevin Goes Bowling With Victoria And His Dad- Jan 29th

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Life & Style scans - Kevin, Victoria, Kids, Britney

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X17: Brit's Dad Wanted To Chat With K-Fed About The Boys!

Kevin Federline spent nearly six hours at Britney's new Calabasas mansion on Sunday, and a source tells X17online exclusively that Jamie Spears arranged the entire thing! During the pow wow, Jamie, K-Fed and Britney sat down and discussed how Brit's upcoming world tour will affect her spending time with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

When Brit was overseas late last year, she got a taste of being on the road and she really missed her boys - as you may recall, just hours after she got back from Japan, the boys were dropped off at her Summit home. Her and K-Fed are now working together to make sure she doesn't have to go without seeing her sons for long periods of time as she tries to balance her comeback career with motherhood.

So will K-Fed travel with the boys and meet Brit on the road? Will he allow her more time to visit with them when she's back on her home turf? Whatever the solution ends up being, it sounds like both parents will be spending more time together, and Sean Preston and Jayden can only benefit from this...

Think these two can keep up the good parenting?


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pics: Kevin, Victoria, and kids - family vacation

The 6-foot-tall blonde volleyball player Victoria Prince, joined K-Fed and his four kids (including Brit’s boys Sean Preston and Jayden James) as they took a family vacation to the snowy mountains of northern California over the weekend of January 17th.

On their way to their chilly holiday, the whole group stopped off at Kevin’s parents’ house for Victoria to meet the parents, a sure sign that their relationship is growing ever more serious.

While romping around their snow-covered secluded mountainside digs, Prince was spotted carrying one of Britney’s sons full-time, and the boys seemed to warm up to Victoria instantly.

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